Manufacture of Rubber Fillets
(Roll Coverings, Emery Rubber Strips)



Rubber Fillets :
Roll covering / Rubber Strips / Rubber Emery Strips

For all type Textile Machineries such as Cloth Wvg. Looms,
Stenters, Dyeing and Processing, Cloth Inspection Machine,
Winding Machine for Plastic Woven sack Industry.


Rubber Squeegee :
For Automatic and Screen printing machines Industry.


Other Textile Machineries Spares :
Ring temple studs, star temples.
Steel temple rollers.
Weaver's Scissors.
Hand Knoters and Blades.
Lappets and hooks.
Metallic Comb Blades for Carding machines.
High Speed Rope Making Machine.


Dyes and Chemicals :
Fast Colour Salts.
Pigments and Binders.
Detergent - Powder & Liquid form.



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