General Uses of Rubber Fillets (Roll Covering, Rubber Strips) :
  • In all type of looms like Air Jet, Water Jet High Speed etc.
  • Process Houses Like Stenters fabric inspection and Rolling Machine.
  • Plastic Woven Sack Industries.

High performance Rubber Fillets (Roll Covering, Rubber Strips) are most suitable for major applications in Textile Industries for all types of Cloth Weaving Looms and such other machines.

  • Knit Circular Looms
  • Knit Processing Machines

Also various applications in Dyeing Printing Processing Warpper, Finishing, Sizing, Rolling, Inspection, Stenter, Folding and such other machines.
Also applicable to following Industries.

  • Carpet Industries
  • Tapestry Industries
  • Leather Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Winder Rolls of Plastic Woven Sacks Industries
  • Doctoring Machine for Pouch Packing Machines

and in other many Industries Machines Rolls can be used as a Roll Covering by Rubber Fillets (Roll Covering, Rubber Strips). Rubber Fillets work as a release agent in place of Rubberized Roll and improves your product and save time and cost.

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